A ShoreThing


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whats on tv

Scientists are driven to distraction by the anarchic antics of two slack-brained stowaways in their sealed environment.

Tue Oct 2 05:00P FAME- The Family Channel
Sat Oct 13 03:15P SHOE- Showtime
Sun Oct 21 01:30P SHOE- Showtime
Fri Oct 26 06:15P SHOE- Showtime
Wed Oct 31 06:15P SHOE- Showtime

The Bogus Witch Project
Pauly Shore, Steve Agee, Bino Bates
Michael Ian Black, Eric Bram, Whitney Jackson

A collection of short spoofs inspired by the low-budget blockbuster ``The Blair Witch Project.''.

Mon Oct 29 01:35A MAXE- Cinemax

Casper: A Spirited Beginning
Sun Oct 21 02:00P FAME- The Family Channel
Sat Oct 27 04:00P FAME- The Family Channel
Wed Oct 31 04:00P FAME- The Family Channel

Fantasy Island
The Real Thing
A journalist (Pauly Shore) arrives intending to reveal the phenomena of the island; a man (Jay Thomas) wants to be a boxing champion; a woman (Lauren Holly) hopes to go back in time and fall in love.

Sun Oct 28 09:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

In the Army Now
Tue Oct 16 02:35A HBOF- HBO Family
Sat Oct 20 10:00P HBOF- HBO Family
Tue Oct 23 06:15P HBOE2- HBO Plus
Tue Oct 30 11:00P HBOF- HBO Family

Nash Bridges
Rip Off

A gang's getaway driver (guest star Pauly Shore) may prove to be the link between two sets of thieves, one stealing from the innocent and the other from its own kind. With Don Johnson and Cheech Marin.

Wed Oct 17 08:00P USAE- USA Network

Sun Oct 21 07:30A HBOE- Home Box Office
Sun Oct 21 04:00P HBOE- Home Box Office
Tue Oct 30 07:45A HBOE- Home Box Office
Tue Oct 30 06:15P HBOE- Home Box Office